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Psycho Barbies, obsessed Sindys and blondeopath vixens with glossy exteriors and erotic noir qualities. Scratch the surface, and what's left is gaslighting, manipulative, cold- blooded killers. Keep the silverware at bay!

Amanda Knox, Charles Manson, Aileen Wuornos, Jeffrey Dahmer and Richard Speck all have dramatisations of their chronological, gruesome exploits, but how do they compare to the true events?

Celebrity Murder Files looks at strange celebrity deaths. Some subjects are familiar, others are less well-known, but each as important as the other.

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Celeb Murder Files


About the paperback and eBook series

Bryn Curt James Hammond's A Case for Murder features unsolved murders of celebrities and includes some of the most notorious crimes in history.  Some of these celebrities were filming at the time of their death, while others were in their own homes and their death appears to be of natural causes, although murder hasn’t been ruled out in the public’s eye.  The series will feature a look at the celebrities’ last days, the people in their lives and official papers which have not previously been available in popular form.

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Most of these murder cases closed after years of fruitless searching for suspects or substantial evidence, with leads coming to dead ends. However, some of them remain open, and even decades after the murders authorities are still attempting to identify what actually happened.  For now, though, they remain a mystery.


Each book has been fully researched and offers the reader an educated look into the mind of the star, with brand new interviews and illustrated with contemporary story-telling for the selfie generation.  Some of the subjects are familiar, others less known.

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